Your solar electricity production at home

Start your solar panel installation project and generate savings!

A turnkey service

Company, condominium, or individual, we accompany you in your photovoltaic solar energy production project for self-consumption. From the study of your project to the installation of solar panels on your roof, including the technical visit, administrative procedures, and monitoring of your consumption, our teams are by your side to guide you at every step.


We accompany you throughout your entire journey, tailoring your installation to your energy needs.

Customer Service

Our customer service is at your disposal before, during, and after the photovoltaic installation.

Strong guarantees

We guarantee the quality of the installation of your photovoltaic system (certified RGE QualiPV), and we provide reliable warranties for your solar panels.

A wide range of solutions

We assist you in choosing your photovoltaic solar project.

Your contribution

Your solar installation contributes to environmental well-being.

Thanks to the production of clean, green, and low-carbon energy, you can reduce your daily carbon footprint and contribute to French and global energy and environmental goals.

We are also concerned about the environmental impact of the photovoltaic solar sector. That’s why we offer solar panels with optimized lifespan and recycling (panels recyclable beyond 90%).

2 tons


Estimation made for a 9 kWp installation, located in the center of France (Limoges) over the course of a year. Your photovoltaic installation allows you to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

4 419

water bottles

Estimation made for a 9 kWp installation, located in the center of France (Limoges) over the course of a year. “The equivalent of CO2 avoided is comparable to the production of 4,419 bottles of 1L water.”


Generating your own electricity is an economical solution to reduce your energy costs. With the installation of solar panels, you can reduce your annual electricity bill by up to 70%, while avoiding the inflation of electricity tariffs. At Voltalia, we assist you in finding the most suitable financing for your photovoltaic project to optimize its profitability.


With our photovoltaic installation offer, you can increase your energy autonomy by using your own solar production. Thanks to the monitoring box included in the offer, you can efficiently manage your solar production in real time. By adding a storage battery, you can prevent power outages and optimize the use of the produced energy.

Voltalia's Expertise

We are proud to offer quality photovoltaic installations carried out by our teams certified RGE (Recognized Guarantors of the Environment) QualiPV. This certification ensures that your installation complies with current standards, meets insurers’ requirements, and qualifies you for government subsidies.